July/August 2022 Newsletter

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Volume 78, Issue  6

July/August President’s Message


Hope everyone is staying cool with this hot weather! 

It was wonderful to see that so many members were able to attend our May meeting and catch up with one another in person. It’s been a long time since our December luncheon at Meg Tuccillo’s house. We were delighted to meet our scholarship winners and hear about their college plans.


In early June, we had a very successful program planning meeting for 2022-2023, looking over many ideas from our branch members and board members. Many thanks to everyone for sharing such great ideas. Our Vice-President for Programs, Meg Tuccillo has already set up a tentative schedule for our programs, and is busy arranging for speakers, videos, and other components to make our programs pertinent and interesting.  We know that they will grab your attention and motivate you to learn more. Get in touch with Meg if you’d like to help her design and organize one of our monthly programs.

Both of us will be here for most of the summer, but Karen will be gone for about two weeks that includes a family reunion in Loveland, Colorado (Karen’s Mom’s birthplace) August 5-7. She and her family are all looking forward to this gathering soooo much. If you would like to get together with several AAUW members during the next 2-3 months, give one of us a call and we can get a bite to eat somewhere and talk. We’d love to share ideas and places to visit in this area, now that we all are feeling a little more comfortable about being out and about. Our phone numbers are in the membership directory.

Have a great summer – we look forward to seeing everyone at our September branch meeting.

Karen Darner and Terry Bratt , Co-Presidents

Arlington AAUW Program Plans for 2022-23

Thanks to those of you who were able to join us for our end of the year celebration honoring our scholarship winners and Educator of the year!  It was great to see our members in person after such a long stint of zoom get-togethers!!!

We held a special board meeting in June to discuss ideas for potential meetings for the 22-23 year and are  grateful for the numerous great suggestions from members.  We are in the process of planning and organizing for meaningful, thoughtful opportunities to learn about the efforts of the women who came before us along with the chance to discuss actions we can take to help move forward on gender equity issues through research, education and advocacy!

Join us September 19th for our First Meeting!

We are excited to share with you all our plans for our first membership meeting on Monday, September 19th at 7 pm at the home of Vivian Kallen.  Vivian has graciously agreed to host our first meeting and share her stories of her Greek immigrant family and their relationship to Jane Adams’ Hull House.  Vivian is a great storyteller and will talk about the opportunities immigrant women had as a result of the efforts of Jane Adams and the impact of Hull house on her life.

Some of the ideas we are developing at this point for the rest of our programs include hearing about the status of Title IX on the 50th anniversary of its inception, collaborating with other Arlington women’s groups to learn more about the “missing middle’ issue in Arlington housing opportunities, learning about the Restorative Justice movement in the Arlington community and Arlington Public Schools, viewing a new documentary from Loki Mulholland (son of Arlington’s own Freedom Fighter, Joan Mulholland) called “The Evers” about civil rights’ activists Medgar and Myrlie Evers, visiting the Women’s History Museum and other interesting possibilities.  Stay tuned for more details on our 2022-23 programs as they get developed!!!!!!

Meg Tuccillo, VP Programs

Let’s Talk About Books

Our July meeting is scheduled for July 18, at 3 pm for tea at the home of Terry Bratt.  This will be our first in person meeting in a very long time. We look forward to really SEEING everyone. Our book selection is Destiny of  the Republic: A Tale Madness, Medicine and the Murder of a President by Candace Milla.

What Shall We Read Next Year?

At our July meeting we will have the opportunity to lobby for our suggestions for next year, but the vote of the group will determine if it makes the list.  We need 11 titles since we do not meet in August.  When considering your suggestions (a maximum of three) we ask that it be readily available at the library or in paperback.  If you send me your suggestions with a short blurb about the book, I will compile the list and send to all before the meeting so you can be contemplating your choices.

Here are links to the Master Book List so you can see what we have already read.   List by titleList by author Let me know if you  have any problems with the files.

Barbara Gallagher, Chair

Membership – It’s Time to Renew by Paying your FY 2023 Dues!

At the end of May, all members should have received the following e-mail from Katrina Breese telling members how to renew on-line.  

“Your membership has been vital in making AAUW the only organization advancing gender equity from all sides for more than a century. Because of you, we’re not only working with lawmakers to reshape unfair systems; we’re also partnering with employers and investing in women who are creating change from the inside out.

Today, I hope you’ll continue that legacy by renewing your membership! As an AAUW member whose branch participates in online payments processing, you can pay all of your dues—branch, state and national—at one time! Here’s how:

To pay online: Visit AAUW’s Community Hub. If you haven’t already set up an account there, you can do so by scrolling below the blue login button and clicking “Forgot Your Password?” at the bottom. Enter your email address, then click “Reset Your Password” to receive your login email. If you don’t receive an email within 20 minutes, please contact connect@aauw.org. After you receive the email, enter your email address and then “Create and Confirm your Password” to access your Personal Snapshot.

Once you are within your Personal Snapshot, click the blue RENEW button at the bottom to renew your national membership and add your branch (VA3003-Arlington) and state memberships!

To pay by check: As always, you have the option of making a check payable to your AAUW branch and mailing it to their preferred address as directed.

Whichever way you decide to renew your membership, I hope you take pride in knowing that our work together is making a real difference in the lives of women and girls.”

The new website is difficult and, in many respects, not too user friendly. It can take several tries to establish a password, for example.  Members have also found that renewing on a cell phone is unsuccessful while renewing on a laptop is. 

However, if you choose to pay by check, please mail your check for $98 made out to AAUW Arlington Virginia Branch to Mary Spatz. Check the online membership directory for the address.

Dues this year are $98.00-
$67.00- National AAUW ($64 is tax deductible)
$15.00-Virginia AAUW
$16.00-Arlington Branch

Although the renewal deadline is June 30, the renewal notices have been late, so please just remit your dues as soon as you can.

Terry Bratt, Co-President

Meg Tuccillo to receive Award

Meg Tuccillo will be awarded a Lifetime of Service Award  at Arlington Cares annual celebration of volunteerism on July 12. The virtual event will celebrate volunteers who are regularly making a difference in our community. Register here if you would like to join the event. https://volunteer.leadercenter.org/civicrm/event/register?reset=1&id=38

AAUW Calendar

Our AAUW Calendar has moved to google which means you can check it online from the website or subscribe and see it directly on your phone or laptop! Additional information about the events is available by clicking the item.  Contact Teri at newsarlvaaauw@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Arlington AAUW Executive Committee 2022-23

Term begins July 1, 2022

  • Co-Presidents: Terry Bratt (2021-2023) and Karen Darner (2021-2023) presarlvaaauw@gmail.com
  • First VP for Programs: Meg Tuccillo (2021-2023)
  • Second VPs for Membership:  Candace L. Lilyquist (2022-2024)
  • Third VP for Communications: Teri Doxsee (2021-2023) newsarlvaaauw@gmail.com
  • Secretary: Denise M. Hassanein (2022-2024)
  • Treasurer: Mary Spatz (2022-2024)
  • Public Policy: Sara Anderson

Note from the Editor – September/October 2022 Newsletter

Any articles for publication should be emailed to Teri Doxsee at newsarlvaaauw@gmail.com with the SUBJECT line: Newsletter by August 15, 2022


Advancing equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.