Let’s Talk About Books

Let’s Talk About Books

February meeting of Let’s Talk About Books will be
Tuesday, February 27, 2 pm, at your regular Zoom
location.  Terry Bratt will send an invitation with the
Zoom information. So, watch your email and come join
the fun! Our book selection is Ancestor Troubles: A
Reckoning and a Reconciliation by Maude Newton.

Our March meeting is Tuesday, March 19, 2 pm, at the
home of Terry Bratt. Please let Terry know f you will be
attending.  Our book selection is Founding Mothers:
The Women Who Raised our Nation by Cokie Roberts.

Opportunities for hosting are still available on 2/27,
4/16, 5/21, and 6/25. Please let me know if you are

See our book list for the coming year and the meeting dates.

Barbara Gallagher, Chair

About the Group

This year with social distancing due to Coronavirus we are meeting on Zoom.  Normally the book group meets the third Wednesday and the fourth Tuesday of each month from 2:00 to 4:00 pm at the homes of members for dessert and coffee and a discussion of the selected book. Both groups read the same title. In December we have a joint holiday luncheon meeting. But while we are meeting on Zoom we will only be having one meeting per month and that will be at 2 pm on the fourth Tuesday.  Please mark your calendars and be alert for an invitation from Terry Bratt shortly before the meeting.

Our July meeting is also a joint session of both groups where we select titles for the coming year. Each member can lobby for books that they would like to have on the list. This usually gives us a good mix of fiction, non-fiction, current and classics.

We try to be sure that the titles are available at the library or in paperback. We do not meet in August. There is no set format for the meetings, e.g., published study questions, but if a member has found something they think will be helpful, they present it to the group. We never seem to lack for discussion.

Check the membership directory for addresses.  Be sure to let the hostess know if you will be attending the session at her home. Read the books and come join the fun!

Barbara Gallagher, Chair

Book List – 2023-2024