Arlington Community High School Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch – April 19, 2018

In keeping with the theme of “A Healthier Me”, the April 19 meeting featured Judy Pendergast, Tae Kwan Do Black Belt practitioner and instructor who was our presenter. She offered the Lunch Bunch a hands-on experience and recommended skills and techniques for developing self-confidence and self-defense.

The meeting took place in the large, open lunch room of Arlington Community High School. There were 24 girls in attendance. Judy, having much experience in teaching women’s self defence, taught and demonstrated several moves the girls could use to protect and defend themselves should they ever be accosted by men who are much larger and stronger. She demonstrated the moves using different girls in the class. Also, she gave them a few rules to follow, such as “Never walk with both ear buds in your ears.” And, do not put your ear bud in the ear closest to the road so you can hear a car or a person approaching from behind. This class clearly was the most exciting class of the year. It was evident on the girls’ faces at the end that they actually felt more confident and stronger with some skills to protect themselves. The teachers and other adults in the room were happy to learn some self-defense moves for themselves.