Welcome to the Arlington Branch of AAUW of Virginia, Chartered in 1944


 January 22 – Branch meeting

Alice Tangerini was our guest speaker for the January 22 Branch meeting. It truly was an interesting and educational presentation. She brought many examples of her own work, as well as some archival samples of plant illustrations dated 1856. She accompanied her work with a Powerpoint presentation which detailed her work life as a Staff Illustrator for the Botany Department at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. We saw her office, her set up, some of the technology she uses in her illustration work. She also detailed her biographical  history of her career and how she came to be in her position at the Smithosonian. Alice has been specializing in drawing plants in pen and ink and graphite since 1972. And, since 2007, her illustration media has included digital color. She has illustrated at least 1,000 species of plants appearing in scientific periodicals, floras, and botanical and nature books. In addition, Alice teaches classes in illustration techniques in botanical gardens and in academic institutions. Her responsibilities in the department also include managing and curating an extensive collection of botanical illustrations, a portion of which can be viewed in the Department of Botany public website; http://collections.mnh.si.edu/search/botany/?ti=6  

     We welcomed some of the public – in particular, one student who had just graduated with a degree in scientific illustration from Acadia University, the parent of a young man who is looking into scientific illustration as a career, and several other from the community who are interested in her topic. We are grateful for her willingness to speak even though she had been furloughed from her job at the particular time of her presentation.


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