Membership is open to all women and men with a minimum of 2-year college degree or equivalent (includes a 2-year nursing program) from an accredited institution who support equity for women and girls. Dues are $103 per year ($72 national, of which $69 is federally tax-deductible as a charitable contribution; $15 Virginia AAUW; $16 Arlington Branch).

Why join the Arlington Branch?  What do we do?

Membership – It’s Time to Renew by Paying your FY 2024 Dues!

At the end of May, all members should have received the following e-mail from Katrina Breese telling members how to renew on-line.

“Your membership has been vital in making AAUW the only organization advancing gender equity from all sides for more than a century. Because of you, we’re not only working with lawmakers to reshape unfair systems; we’re also partnering with employers and investing in women who are creating change from the inside out.

Today, I hope you’ll continue that legacy by renewing your membership! As an AAUW member whose branch participates in online payments processing, you can pay all of your dues—branch, state and national—at one time! Here’s how:

To pay online: Visit AAUW’s Community Hub. If you haven’t already set up an account there, you can do so by scrolling below the blue login button and clicking “Forgot Your Password?” at the bottom. Enter your email address, then click “Reset Your Password” to receive your login email. If you don’t receive an email within 20 minutes, please contact After you receive the email, enter your email address and then “Create and Confirm your Password” to access your Personal Snapshot.

Once you are within your Personal Snapshot, click the blue RENEW button at the bottom to renew your national membership and add your branch (VA3003-Arlington) and state memberships!

Go here for more information about AAUW’s new Community Hub 

To pay by check: As always, you have the option of making a check payable to your AAUW branch and mailing it to their preferred address as directed.

Whichever way you decide to renew your membership, I hope you take pride in knowing that our work together is making a real difference in the lives of women and girls.”

The new website is difficult and, in many respects, not too user friendly. It can take several tries to establish a password, for example.  Members have also found that renewing on a cell phone is unsuccessful while renewing on a laptop is.

However, if you choose to pay by check, please mail your check for $103 made out to AAUW Arlington Virginia Branch to Teri Doxsee. Contact her at

Dues this year are $103.00
$72.00- National AAUW ($69 is tax deductible)
$15.00-Virginia AAUW
$16.00-Arlington Branch

Although the renewal deadline is June 30, the renewal notices have been late, so please just remit your dues as soon as you can.

New members: Send a check with your membership application

Send a completed membership application form and a personal check for $103 made out to AAUW Arlington Virginia Branch to Teri Doxsee. Contact for the address.

Questions?  Contact Candace Lilyquist at

Renewal information for current members