Membership is open to all women and men with a minimum of 2-year college degree or equivalent (includes a 2-year nursing program) from an accredited institution who support equity for women and girls. Dues are $90 per year ($59 national, of which $53 is federally tax-deductible as a charitable contribution; $15 Virginia AAUW; $16 Arlington Branch).

To Join AAUW & Arlington Branch: Two Options

Pay online with a credit card

Here’s the path to pay online for a new membership in the Arlington Branch (and Virginia state and national) with a credit card.

  • Open
  • Choose the Join option at the top of the splash page;
  • Join/renew will open; scroll down, and in the column labeled branch members, click on join/renew;
  • Branch membership in AAUW will open; Scroll down, and in the column labeled join a local branch of AAUW, click on find your branch now;
  • AAUW branches and C/U partners opens; choose Virginia and then click on submit;
  • Find AAUW near you opens; click on Arlington, and then click on the green icon that says join;
  • AAUW Branch Join application opens. Fill out and follow prompts.
Join US 

Pay by mail with a check

Send a completed membership application form and a personal check for $90 to Chris White, 3440 S. Jefferson St., #937, Falls Church, VA 22041.