December 2

Our holiday luncheon on December 2, not December 9 will be prepared by a group of Arlington dreamers–the culinary students at the Arlington Career Center on South Walter Reed Drive. The luncheon will be held in the main dining room with holiday décor and traditional foods.

The menu will feature grilled beef and turkey loin, garlic and herb roasted vegetables, pasta primavera, slider rolls, fruit and vegetable platters, dessert of blueberry crumb cake and beverages. The cost, yet to be finalized, will be less than $20 per person. Make your reservation early. We’re in for a real treat.This event will feature the Dreamers Project, a federal program that has allowed children who came to this country without documentation to attend school and now are facing potential deportation after high school graduation.
Because the Trump Administration has rescinded an Obama Administration Act granting the Dreamers an additional two years after high school to obtain work visas or other documentation the Dreamers Project may be ending unexpectedly soon.

We’ll hear the latest – hopefully a grant of time from Congress for all undocumented children to obtain needed documents – at this December meeting.
The sister of the director of the Dreamers Project in Arlington was featured in a Sports Section story of October 20 in the Washington Post. The story of Nicolle Uria, an Annandale athlete, details the anxiety these children now face, not knowing whether they will be deported or allowed to stay and continue to college or work. Nicolle’s sister, Lizzett Uria who heads the Arlington Dreamers, has a temporary Green card which puts her on track for permanent residence.

Come, join us in starting the holidays with delicious food and an opportunity to learn more about the hopes of our Dreamers.